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Friday, September 26, 2008

About the chinese class (2nd part), 中国語のクラス、その2

I think I pretty much understood how it works here. The student-teacher interaction is still quite a new thing, and seems to be hard to deal with for the teachers.
Some of teachers who went and studied abroad are trying to be more interactive in their way of teaching, but still a long way to go, from my point of view.
So, no surprise nobody speaks english nor whatever foreign language here. How come we will?
Of course it's not just that easy, it's not just a matter of how to teach. It's also strongly bonded with the taiwanese cultural backgroung. For the good or the bad, a teacher is a kind of out-of-reach person and shouldn't be considered as egual as students.
So basically, an every course is :

1. The teacher give a copy of exercice with 1 or 2 dialogues.
2. Students try a few minute to do the exercices.
3. The teacher try to explain vocabulary.
4. Students fill the blanks with apropriated words.
5. The teacher let us try to play the dialogue.
6. The teacher do a dictation to check if the previous day new words are known
 End of the story.
No CD, nothing to hear, nothing to see, almost no chance to speak because the teacher IS the speaker.
There is also no program apparently, and no profound strategy of teaching a language.

After a first week of every day self-introducing (I'm not kidding), a second week of sex, pee and shit oriented stories and vocabularies, we finally bought the text-book during the class (the teacher brought us to a library during the class hours) but we still not using it, stocking at the previous class pattern...
At least it's a free course (only for me...an advantage of being a teacher), my hears and my eyes are getting used to hear and see chinese...these are the main reasons why I stay.

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